Friday, 17 November 2006

The Worker pays for all

The Worker pays for all

As I sat thinking all alone
On my dozing bed
Some usual thoughts
Came into my sleepless active head

And rising from my slumber, I
my thoughts did recall
I knew I saw before my eyes
How workers pay for all

I many riches did imagine
In this strange scary dream
Yachts Clubs Bentleys and Mansions
Were a part of the theme

What of it you might ask of me
Its been this way since the Fall
Is that the truth I grimly asked
Why workers pay for all

I thought I saw a fantasy
A vision that was a fable
That workers so exploited are
And must pay more than they are able

I thought I heard them cryin say
Their wages was so small
For rich men always gain I say
And workers pay for all

I thought I saw how rich men
Did beat the workers faces
And greedily did feed off them
With no pity for their cases

They work and work until they’re soar
For money that’s far too small
The rich men in their clubs they roar
But workers pay for all

I thought I saw a spiv there
Walking in his pin-stripe suit
His power and wealth affected him
His only love being his loot

His wealth he by extortion got
Ensuring others took a fall
He had worked for it all not
And workers pay for all

I thought I saw an Ascot lady
Go proudly amongst the throng
Strutting like a peacock there
No wisdom on her tongue

The rain it makes her plumes all fall
She ruffles out in pride
Pride may well come before a fall
But workers pay for all

I thought I met discontent there
While talking to a fellow worker
No time for a cup of tea he said
You’d think I was a shirker

I’ll see what I can do , I said
I’ll go and talk to the Brick wall
The bosses riches aye increase
While workers pay for all

Peter Burton November 2006

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