Sunday, 19 November 2006



O Whistle an' I'll come to you , my girl
O Whistle an' I'll come to you , my girl

Tho' partner and parents an a' would go mad
O whistle an' I'll come to ye, my girl.

Peter Burton August 2006

( Rabbie helped wi this)

The Confidant Man

Not pantomime but Charades
a wild goose chase
unassailable reliable testimony
infallible evidence
But there are no guarantees
in this world
only people choosing their parts
before reciting their lines
All evidence
Potentially suspect
trust, honesty, fidelity
unprovable intangible qualities
certainty leading to dogma
an essentially honest person wronged
or a diabolically plausible
abuser of trust
a necessary preservation of a stable core identity
or vain confidence trickster ?

Peter Burton August 2006

Shark Attack

How dothe the big long shark
Improve his shining teeth
By selling you what you don’t need
More skillfully than any thief

How cheerfully he seems to grin
How deftly he then sucks you in

He milks your kindness
and its far from funny
Then he quickly departs
Once he’s got your money

Peter Burton July 2006