Sunday, 19 November 2006

The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask

prevaricate and overstate
equivocate and exaggerate
fabricate and ostentate
wear a mask and be a fake

double life and double dealing
big black lies will leave them realing
perjury and huge betrayel
Hope i don't end up in gaol

spinning, weaving ,circumvention
falsehood, bad faith, self-deception
disingenous and perfidious
deceiptfulness and meritricious

be dishonest , break the faith
ham it up and simulate
misrepresent and misreport
belt it out until I'm hoarse

perfidy and mendacity
cant and real duplicity
trickery and facade
could it be that I'm going mad ?

dress it up and put it on
never admit that i am wrong
evasion ,cant and gritting teeth
conceal the truth and make believe

economize and trump it up
Hope i don't run out of luck
fraudulence and quackery
cunning, guile , hypocrisy

juggle ,conjure, hocus-pocus
hope their eyes are out of focus
elusive , delusive and collusive
engage in lots of dodgy ruses

fiddle, diddle, swizzle sell
my lifes become a bloody hell
coin it ,forge it, tongue and cheek it
weave and hatch and hope i sneak it

invent, concoct ,fake and cheat
see and saw and cold and heat
duck and dive and dodge and deal
I wonder how her bum would feel ?

maybe i can just brass neck it
even if it means i wreck it

Oh what a tangled web they weave
when leaders start to bloody deceive !

Peter Burton

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