Friday, 25 June 2010

Working for the Taxman

All you good men and women
come and listen to ma song

It doesn’t matter where you live
or where you work or roam

Cos this Coalitions got it in for us
they’re gonna tax us from our homes

They’re gonna tax the workers and their pay
their clothes and homemade brew

They’re gonna tax all women’s’ undergarments
knickers and suspenders too

They’ll tax all meat and poultry
they’ll even tax the beef

And if you offer up resistance
they‘re gonna crack you on the heid

They’re gonna tax all single men
as heavy as they can

They’ even tax the women
for being over 41

They’ll tax the hospitals
and tax all wooden legs

Tax the coffee, bread and butter
beer and wine and ham and eggs

They’ll tax old ladies by the river
when they try to paint

And tax all girls who go with boys
cos we’re all meant to be saints

Now thank you men and women
for listening to ma song

And remember there’s a reason why
we all know right from wrong.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Commando Raid

My hands grip tighter around your throat
As your power and life flicker out

Your eyes bulge as they stare into mine
Face redder, Veins greener , life fading

I seek relief, peace, freedom
Yet i too sense my own
reddening face ,green vains, bulging eyes

Amidst panic , fear, anguish

A thought hits me -This is not what i wanted.

Slowly i loosen my strong grip
Our faces change colour, our vains shrink

You gasp for air clutching your throat
I mumble I'm sorry as i stagger away
alone, remembering, ashamed.

Peter Burton

Meetings , Laptops and Mobile Phones

Meetings, Laptops and Mobile phones
Meetings, Laptops and Mobile phones

POLICING your workers
on behalf of the FAT CATS

Through Meetings, Laptops and Mobile Phones

Peter Burton June 2010