Tuesday, 8 July 2008

May 68

Detailed study of events of May 68 by Dave Broder


Who belongs to Glasgow -by Mary Edward

A landmark publication in 1993, this study of Glasgow immigration was used in all schools throughout the city. Now thoroughly revised and updated with a new chapter, this timely publication is an essential insight into the historical background of Glasgow's migrant groups and their interactions with the indigenous population.

In this insightful second edition, Mary Edward traces the history of immigration to Glasgow over the past 200 years. From Highlanders to exiled Jews and asylum seekers, the Irish, Poles, Chinese and Asians’ experiences of Glasgow are all covered. There is an initial chapter on Glasgow’s roots as an industrial city based on the slave trade analyzing how the merchants and tobacco barons used profits from the Southern plantation system to exploit an abundant workforce fleeing economic destitution and political persecution. This turned Glasgow into “the second city of the Empire”.

There is a final chapter discussing the discrimination recent Asylum seekers have faced in Employment and Housing and there are details of the work of some of the campaigning groups who have tried to address the different forms this discrimination has taken.

ISBN: 9781905222872
Publisher: Luath
Publication Date: 11 March 2008
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 192 p.

Words 205

Peter Burton