Saturday, 25 November 2006

What a waste !

White working class prisoners exit
Through the revolving door
Vowing never to come back
But I’ve heard that before

Back to the run-down schemes
To face the same choices
With a criminal record
And few representative voices

Its £ 30,000 a year to
Keep a prisoner banged up
But no boss would pay that
No matter how hard they worked

It’s a system of contradictions
and conflict built in
It’s a crime, a huge waste
And a terrible sin

Sacre BLUE !!

Mr Orange saw red and was determined
to show that he was not yellow and remain
in the black and the whole country was tickled pink

Rosy? Flat Bloody chance

Nae wonar am feelin depressed
Nae wonar am feelin’ down

Surrounded by you’se knaves and fools
Liars, cheats and clowns!!

( Unison had one day strike over pensions and called the rest off)

Tigger ain’t such a wonderful thing

Tigger Tigger you can’t fight
Doesn’t matter whose wrong , whose right
Cos you’ve got privileges and perks too
And you’d jump from a high rise
If a goose said boo!

Change of Direction

I’m glad its been regenerated
But with Tesco and Wimpey houses?

Glad they’ve ended the long decay
But with Tesco and Barret houses?

Don’t want to complain about the change
But Tesco and Wimpey houses?

Perhaps some day decay
will not end this way ?

With Tesco and some houses.

Teaching by Numbers

We have a rising 4 rating as an
Educational school
No one leaves here for sure
Feeling like a fool

Cos we get bums on seats
“By any means necessary”
We even have a shanghai force
In case the numbers are lessening

So if you think that you are
in a position to enrol
Please come to us , not to them,
We may even send the Rolls

During Holocaust memorials

Learn the Lessons

Industrialised mass murder
Of Six million Jews
By faceless bureaucrats
Following orders
Conforming from fear
To the diktacs from
Hellish superiors
Scientific “experiments”
On human cargo
By conscienceless beasts
Of depravity
No parallels
from the past
History as progress ?
Only if we learn

Blairs’ reference to praying to God

Gods to Blame

Gods to blame
He told me to invade

And anyway, Iraqis’ free now
If not, then Gods’ to blame

Chain of Command

Speak angrily to your
And bully him when it pleases

Subordinates need to know
whose boss until hell
bloody freezes

Racist Zapper light

Some bars ought to have
A fly-zapping circular light

That is big enough and
Strong enough to
Attract the racist right

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