Friday, 17 November 2006

First Selection ( 20 Poems here )


Birth of a Union

Myth and fantasy
intertwined with
of customs
and feelings
and conforming
glorifying but burying
dead romantic past
grafting Britishness on
in opposition to
challenging cultural nationalism
through realist fiction novel
creating shared myths
and moral values
a nation of strangers
with mediocre characters
romantic realism
abstraction of
nature and culture
church and state
recent memories
of Highland clan
extinction and lowland
capitalist development
as future


Grotesques and moral ogres
Amiable idiots and perverts
Sadistic dwarfs and drunks
Freaks and eccentrics
Servile servants
Interconnected isolation
Of the city
Criminal underworlds vie
With middle-class respectability
Anarchic excitement
With bourgeois safety
Pathological death obsessed
Macabre extremes
Identities fixed and imprisoned
Oppression of children
Exposed as victims
False patriarchy
Beaming paternalism
Carnivalesque anarchic emotionally
Spendthrift families of protection
And microcosms of greed and violence
Exposure of “society” as
Oppressive and unreal
Baptism required
For true identity
To shine
Bread and circuses
Fairy-tale paternalist
Charity mongering
Amidst the
Frankenstein social order

Far from the Towns perception

Perception of idyllic
Rural settings as
Picturesque stable
Tranquil and secure
Belies the real affair of
Poverty, unemployment
Competition and exodus
Sexual competition
Vanity all
Escape the day trippers’
Gaze upon
“idyllic nature”
transforming work
objectified desire
flesh and spirit
in conflict
unintended consequences
of conscious social choices
no appeasing
happy ending here

Prejudice from pride

Actions not intentions
Or feelings form the
Ethical life
Dependent on truth
In a world of deceit
With empathetic
Condemning selfishness
With satire
Love within acceptable
Class parameters
A balance
Between behavioural pressure
And rampant individualism
Combining instinct with education
Idle harming rich
Imploding rural gentry
Forgetting their manners
Conserving realism

The “Decisive Moment”

Silhoutted “decisive moment”
combines with incisive composition
instinctive and intelligent
geographical triangular forms

Representations of expressions of freedom
while striving for visual perfection
his gaze to him was everything
his gaze was who he was

Peter Burton August 2006

To be or ……?

Paranoid Jealousy
Over-reading all the signs
An obsessive hunter of hidden knowledge
Tryin to control events

Endlessly frustrated
In absence of any real mystery
Jealousy perpetually bending ‘evidence’
For its own ends

“Did ye get Healed”

A Shaman heightening our senses
Using Incantation and rhythm
Searching for spiritual epiphany
total passion in his voice

A mystical misfit naïve and majestic
Alternatively beautiful and venomous
Caledonian soul and Yeats as mentor
An Eden misty and wet with rain

King of the Delta Blues

You would play to a single female
In the audience
Using the most complex original strings

Picked out for her beauty
And the hope of a later fling

Your lyrics could not fail to impress
And your face was pretty too

You’re the legendary Robert Johnson
The King of the Delta blues.


They voted you the actors’ actor
By about a million miles

With your mean moody magnificence
And occasional transforming smile

Honest, radical ,principled and bright
Your performances and life radiated light

Goodnight Irene

Released with a pardon
So the legend goes
After singing to the Governor
In the most powerful ,moving tones

Fighting, bragging, whoring, brawling
Turning hard men into jelly
But nobody could sing the blues
Quite like Huddie Leadbelly

Plain English ? Does that Add Value ?

Flexible learning
Lifelong learning
Widening access
Social inclusion
Quality assurance
Adding value
and best practice
programme reviews
enhancing frameworks
personnel development
strategic opportunities
and teambuilding
cross-school networking
equal opportunities and diversity
power maddies
cowed workforces
double standards
big fat salaries
two tier workforces
temporary contracts
student fodder
running businesses
gravy training
teacher blaming
finger waving
motivation waning
curriculum varying
better know the lingo
if you want to be professional


Shark Attack

How doth the big long shark
Improve his shining teeth

By selling you what you don’t need
More skill-fully than any thief

How subtly he gets under your skin
How cheerfully he seems to grin

He milks your kindness
and its far from funny

Then he swiftly departs
once he’s got your money

Play safe

Stay comfortable with your misery
Play safe, don’t take a risk

Hide your vulnerability
Play safe, don’t take a risk

Pursuing happiness is for others
Play safe, don’t take a risk

There’s too much pain
If it doesn’t work out
Play safe, don’t take a risk

Never near a farm

There are far too many people around
Carrying Farmfood Plastic bags

They always seem to be headin hame
And have a tendency to smoke fags

Their inner contents look mysterious
It just doesn’t look like food

But then knowing Farmfoods as I do
There is no way it would

Scottish News story .

Pi Pick up a Penguin ?

The researchers were on the news the other day
Telling us that male penguins like to play away

What a relief it is , you have to say
That men don’t think and act this way

Cover it up in cover it up land

Cover it up, cover it up
How is it going to look?

Cover it up, cover it up
How are we going to pay?

Cover it up, cover it up
What does this say about us?

Cover it up cover it up
Maybe it’ll all go away ?

Out of shape blues

Well ma baby done left me
Says a was hastlin her to get fit
Well ma baby done left me
Says a was hastlin her to get fit

Said to me at seventeen stone
You are a hypocrite
Yes you are a hypocrite

Well I said to ma baby
Why don’t we form a pack ?
Well I said to ma baby
Why don’t we form a pack ?

I’ll get in shape if you do too
What do you think of that?
Yes what do you think of that?

Well ma baby done left me
seems packs are just not hip
Well ma baby done left me
seems packs are just not hip

Wonder what ma babys doin now
And what she thinks about it
Yes what she thinks about it

Sexy Lady

The sexiest woman I ever did see
Was ten years , at least, older than me
The sexiest body with its all over tan
And beautiful clothes to turn any man
You were off limits, married, unfree
But oh what lust I had for thee


Conceal your feelings
Fight your feelings
Never open up

Suppress your feelings
Deny your feelings
It will only lead to hurt

But pain and loss are complex things
Suppression rarely works
Please tell me beautiful lady
Did ignoring your heart work ?

Gods to Blame

Gods to blame
He told me to invade

And anyway, Iraqs’ free now
If not, then Gods’ to blame

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