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Culture and Revolution in the Thought of Leon Trotsky.

Volume 7, No. 2, Spring 1999

Culture and Revolution in the Thought of Leon Trotsky.


The Culture of the Old World

Leon Trotsky, Ibsen

Leon Trotsky, Two Literary Souls at the Mercy of the Metaphysical Demon

Leon Trotsky, Poetry, the Machine, and the Poetry of the Machine

Leon Trotsky, On the Novel in General and on The Three of Them in Particular

Leon Trotsky, Culture and the Little White Bull

Paul Flewers, Vekhi and the Retreat from Reason

Impressionism: Trotsky in Vienna

Fritz Keller, Trotsky in Vienna

Leon Trotsky, On Death and Eros

Leon Trotsky, A New Year's Conversation about Art

Leon Trotsky, The Vienna Secession of 1909

Leon Trotsky, Two Viennese Exhibitions

Leon Trotsky, On the Intelligentsia

Leon Trotsky, Vienna Secession 1913

The Culture of the Transition Period

John Plant, Trotsky, Art and the Revolution

Antonio Gramsci, A Letter to Leon Trotsky on Futurism

Leon Trotsky, For Quality -- For Culture!

Culture Under the Dictators

Pierre Naville, Trotsky on Art and Literature

Richard Greeman, Did Trotsky Read Serge?

Esther Leslie, Elective Affinities

James T Farrell, A Memoir of Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky, Marcel Martinet

Leon Trotsky, The Attitude of Men of Letters

An Interview with Jean Malaquais

Fritz Keller, Stalinism versus Hedonism

The International Federation of Independent Revolutionary Artists

Maurice Nadeau, Trotsky and Breton

Leon Trotsky, You Must Not Whisper

Leon Trotsky, Difficulties With Diego

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