Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Treason of the Intellectuals and other verse

Most of the 68 pieces collected here appeared over the last two decades in Socialist Organiser, Workers Liberty and Solidarity. They are, most of them, workaday political verse, in the broad sense of political. Some, for instance, “Nina Ruah”, are “personal”. I make no claim that any of this is “poetry”: that belongs to an altogether higher order of things. Nor should little bits of insomniac's verse, dealing in nuance, paradox, mood, ambivalences, passing perplexities, discouragements, be read as political manifestoes.

Sean Matgamna
26 July 2008
Author: Sean Matgamna


I am of Ireland:
Long years ago I left it;
It does not leave me;
It does not go from me,
It will not go from me.

I am of Ireland:
Many years am I out of it;
It is not out of me;
It does not leave me,
It does not leave me.

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