Monday, 27 August 2007

Benefit Agency Interviewee

Benefit Agency Interviewee

Are you currently unemployed ? – Yes

Are you looking for work ?- Yes

Would you accept any reasonable offer of work ? – Yes

Do you have any savings ?– No

Wages owed ?– No

Bonds or shares ?- No

Pension due ?- No

Do you let out property or own property here or abroad ? – No

Any land ?-No

Any other source of income not mentioned here ?- No

Do you like Scotland ?– Eh Yes

Glasgow ? Yes

Is Sean Connery the best Bond – Yesh

Do you like me ?– Oh Yes

Do you like Rangers ( Nodding while asking)? Eh Yes
(fingers crossed behind my back so this disnae count)

Do you like Glasgows’ weather ?– eh NO !

Do you like violence on TV ?– NO

Do you mind being humiliated ?– No

Yes – well everything does seem to be in order Mr Burton
Your claim will be processed in due course.

Have a nice day !

You too !


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