Thursday, 5 July 2007

Novorcherkassk June 2 62

Novorcherkassk June 2 62

dum dum bullets ring out
from non-Russian soldiers' guns
and tanks on to peaceful protestors
with their unstaged amended red flags
of protest against rising prices and falling piece rates

Where lie the dead of Novocherkassk ?

Workers and wives crumple at the feet
of a helpless Lenin as Kalashnikovs
take over from the arrogance and contempt
of factory supervisors, Kruschev and Mikoyan

Martial law curfews and lists of names
streets full of troops and tank patrols
mass arrests and secret trials
house visitations and media blackouts

Where lie the dead of Novocherkarssk

cleaning park benches and bloodied
grey buildings deporting the relatives
and better food in the shops

All must pretend
this did not really happen

But where lie the dead of Novorcherkassk ?

Peter Burton July 2007

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