Friday, 16 March 2007

Eliminate the Positive ?

Campaign for a Marxist party
London, February 18, 5pm: 'What kind of programme?'

We will be debating the kind of programme a Marxist Party should develop.
John Bridge of the CPGB will present the case for a Minimum/Maximum
programme, Gerry Downing will argue for a transitional programme, and Steve
Freeman will introduce the RDG's concept of a Minimum/Transitional/Maximum
programme. With speakers kept to a maximum of 20 minutes there will be
plenty of time for contributions and questions from the floor.

The meeting is open to all.

Accentuate the Minimum, eliminate the Maximum
dont' worry bout your crazy screwed up rep

cos if you accentuate the minimum and eliminate the maximum
we'll all be sure to wear those transitional smiles

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